Our Visit to Saadet (Felicity) Party Headquarters

19 September 2018

sPAT Parliament Coordinator Oya Özden and Ankara sPA Porter Nagihan Konukçu had a meeting with Saadet (Felicity) Party Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu at the party's headquarters on September 19th, Wednesday.    

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Our visit to MAZLUMDER

27 July 2018

At the meeting, opinions were exhanged from both sides in order to maintain the positive relations between the small Provincial Assemblies and MAZLUMDER in the upcoming session as well.

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8th Annual sPAT Gathering

3 May 2018

Porters and the Kitchen team of the small Provincial Assemblies of Turkey are gathering in Ankara every April 23rd for 8 years.

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Participation to "TOGETHER Local NGOs Institutional Support Programme" Introduction

12 December 2017

The meeting included information on TOGETHER Local NGOs Institutional Support Programme Application Guide, Application Form and Budget Formats; as well as on the conditions and procedure of applications.

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Our Visit to Headquarters of Good Party and Felicity Party

15 February 2018

sPAT Parliament Coordinator Oya Özden and Ankara sPA Porter Nagihan Konukçu had a meeting with Good Party’s Deputy Chairwoman for Education, Culture and Art Politics Şule Ünlü Doğan as well as with Felicity Party NGO and Public Relations Chairman Birol Aydın on January 23rd, Tuesday.

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Conversation on sPATs with Alisa Çiçek Akyol from Radio Naif

24 July 2017

sPAT Ankara Porter Nagihan Konukcu has visited Alisa Çiçek Akyol at Radio Naif.

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